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COVID19 Values Study – a national study looking into New Zealanders’ attitudes, values and beliefs

10 June 2020

In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Wilberforce Foundation has commissioned a study to explore New Zealanders’ attitudes, values and beliefs, and whether these are changing (and to what extent) as we deal with the pandemic and its implications.

Conducted by McCrindle Research, the snapshot survey was carried out in April 2020 during the Level 4 lockdown, it asked a representative sample of 1000 New Zealanders a range of questions such as how we were feeling about the situation with COVID19, what we valued most before and after we went into lockdown, and what we thought we would do differently after the pandemic.

The aim of the study is to provide community leaders and commentators with credible and timely insights into how New Zealanders are responding to the unfolding pandemic. Our hope is that this research will enable a positive, thoughtful and proactive contribution to the wider public debate about life in NZ post the immediate COVID 19 crisis.